Elemental: Air

Using the title Elemental: Air as a creative prompt, Lloyd Dunn (Prague sound artist and co-founder of the Tape Beatles) completed a soundtrack independent of my completion of a video track. Combining the two resulted in lovely and haunting moments of serendipity.

-LeAnn Erickson

Elemental: Air

Elemental: AIR is a collaborative work using an ominous sound track created by Lloyd Dunn, an artist and friend living in Prague. The footage was shot on the farm I grew up on in Eastern Iowa. This experimental, dark video was highly influenced by Dunn’s eerie sound track as well as my post-election mood.

-Sandra Louise Dyas

Color Field #4: Light

Invited artist: John Heck

Rothkowindow: Light, color, tone and frame – paintings, photography, video – any framed visual works, really, are like windows.

Two videos were created separately and meant to be viewed simultaneously in two different browsers.  For this experience, visit vimeo.com:

links :  194311483, 194311477