Elemental: Dreaming…of Ireland

Elemental: Dreaming… of Ireland was inspired by the lyrical and lovely sound work by George Higgs. During the summer of 2013 I had the pleasure of living and working in Ireland for six weeks. In revisiting the video I shot during that time, I found moments that echoed the feeling of memory and time evoked in George’s sound piece. Thank you, George, for reminding me.


The year of Elemental

During the 2017 calendar year, Sandy Dyas and LeAnn Erickson will be pushing the collaborative mission of Homegrown Stories by seeking out international artists to complete stand-alone sound art pieces that will be paired with their independently created video pieces.

Using the umbrella theme of Elemental, the collaborators will use a focused prompt as creative inspiration.  The goal of Elemental is to push the creative exploration of place and space through the development of a global collaborative effort.

The first Elemental collaboration was with the sound artist Lloyd Dunn.

Elemental: Air

Using the title Elemental: Air as a creative prompt, Lloyd Dunn (Prague sound artist and co-founder of the Tape Beatles) completed a soundtrack independent of my completion of a video track. Combining the two resulted in lovely and haunting moments of serendipity.

-LeAnn Erickson

Elemental: Air

Elemental: AIR is a collaborative work using an ominous sound track created by Lloyd Dunn, an artist and friend living in Prague. The footage was shot on the farm I grew up on in Eastern Iowa. This experimental, dark video was highly influenced by Dunn’s eerie sound track as well as my post-election mood.

-Sandra Louise Dyas

Color Field #4: Light

Invited artist: John Heck

Rothkowindow: Light, color, tone and frame – paintings, photography, video – any framed visual works, really, are like windows.

Two videos were created separately and meant to be viewed simultaneously in two different browsers.  For this experience, visit vimeo.com:

links :  194311483, 194311477